iMac RAM Upgrade replacement Service Plano


Is your iMac running slow? Do you use more than one application at once? Does your screen freeze while opening a different application ? This might be an indication that you need a RAM upgrade. RAM allows your iMac to process more things at once. We do RAM upgrades on all kinds of iMac. We offer same day service for RAM upgrade. Our apple certified technicians will take care of your needs in no time.

Service available for all kinds of iMac: 20” 21” 27” Retina Display, slim aluminium unibody, aluminum unibody, aluminium. Models A1224, A1225, A1311, A1312, A1418, A1419.


Need Help with your Apple Mac? We can provide the fastest repair service in Dallas Fort-worth Area for all your Apple devices like MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iMac, iMac Pro, Mac Pro, Mac mini, and more. We can perform Data Recovery, Hardware repairs & upgrades, and Software repair & upgrades. Our Convenient Mac Repair Service is available at the time that suits you.




Why choose us?

  • Apple Certified Professional Technicians
  • 90 day warranty on all repairs
  • OEM parts for all repairs and replacement
  • We have parts readily available
  • We repair your iMac on our location. We do not send your iMac to a third party.
  • We provide fast and quality service. Most of the repairs and replacements are same day service.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


Common FAQ about your iMac repair:

Q. How much does it cost to repair an iMac?
A. The cost depends on the kind of repair. Please contact us with the kind of repair and iMac model.

Q. How long does the repair take?
A. In most cases, we provide same day service. However, considering the nature of the repair, it might take a few days.

Q. Do you accept walk-ins or do I need to make an appointment?
A. We do accept walk-ins but we recommend to make an appointment so we can help you faster.

Q. Do I need to backup my data?
A. Though most repairs do not involve data, we highly recommend to backup data.

Q. How much RAM does my iMac support?
A. The maximum RAM an iMac can support depends on the make and Model. The Early 2009 iMac model can support 8 GB RAM. The later models like 4K 2015 iMac can support unto 64 GB RAM.

Q. What does the color spinning ball mean?
A. Also called the spinning beachball, it means that the computer is taking time to process data and commands. This might be caused by hardware issues. Old Hard disk drives, almost full startup disk, or insufficient RAM could be some possibilities.





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